About us

Langford has a long and lasting history in the community, with 2018 marking our 150th anniversary (click here for details). The ministry had its beginnings in the 1860’s as the Plank Road Methodist Church. In 1924, Langford joined the newly formed United Church of Canada. As a result of many changes in the teachings of the denomination, the leadership and congregation of Langford made the decision to sever their ties with the United Church in 1989. Since then, by God’s grace, Langford has grown into a strong, vibrant, friendly, Scripture based, family oriented, Community Church.

Our beliefs
Langford is an independent, evangelical, community church under the authority of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible.  Our Statement of Faith is available here.

Our pastor
Pastor Graham comes to us from a variety of church traditions, with evangelical Master of Divinity training at Heritage Seminary in Cambridge.  Graham works to do ministry that is biblically faithful and culturally relevant to our community as we seek to grow together into maturity in Christ.  You can connect with Graham in a variety of ways:

email: grahamwgladstone@gmail.com
website: www.gwgladstone.ca
tweet: @gwgladstone
tel.: 519-752-8854